Potage / Soup of the day

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with dried tomatoes and garlic spread, rosted walnuts, feta and sour cream


hummus, spinach, feta cheese, olives and coriander yogurt dip


smoked cheese and ajvar 


cheddar, gouda and smoked pork loin


with domestic “kulen” sausage, gouda cheese, dried figs and tomato dip

Tri + 3

crispy pastry with tomato passata, spinach and gouda cheese

Tri + 3

crispy pastry with zucchini, mashrooms, sour cream and gouda cheese

Tri + 3

crispy pastry with tomato passata, bacon, dried plums and gouda cheese

Tri + 3

Crispy pastry, goat cheese, seasonal fruit and dried figs

Tri + 3

crunchy pastry with gorgonzola, gouda and cheddar cheese

Meal Salad

with mixded greens, smoked chicken drumstick, smoked cheese, orange and walnuts

Meal Salad

with mixed greens, salmon, sardines, olives, capers and pumpkin seeds

Meal Salad

with mixed greens, goat cheese, pear, walnuts and raisins

Meal Salad

with mixed greens, avocado, mild cow cheese and pumpkin seed

Side Salad


with lentils, baked beetroot, walnuts and pomegranate

Mushroom Carpaccio

on hummus with truffle oil 

Roasted Beetroot

on celery puree with domestic chicken liver pate, truffle oil and walnuts


with poached pear and gorgonzola sauce 

Baked Cammembert

in crispy crunchy pastry with domestic cherry jam and walnuts 

Slighty Fried Courgette

on hummus with dried tomato oil, tahini and crispy carrot

Vegan Moussaka

of aubergine with allseed and rice in seasonal vegetable sauce


Homemade Mini Lasagnette

in smoked pork loin sauce and mushrooms

Homemade Mini Lasagnette

in lemon grass, zucchini and pine nuts sauce

Homemade Ravioli

stuffed with fresh cheese in spinach sauce

Homemade Ravioli

stuffed with fresh cheese in lavender sauce

Hand Made Ravioli

filled with sheep cheese in mushroom sauce with pecorino

Handmade Ravioli stuffed with beef

in tomato and mozzarella sauce

Handmade Ravioli stuffed with beef

in joghurt sauce with dried tomato and paprika oil

Handmade Ravioli stuffedwith dried tomato and wallnuts

in olive oil and basil

Homemade gnocchi / mini lasagnette

in violet sauce with walnuts


(homemade ricotta and parmesan gnocchi) in tomato and mozzarella sauce


(homemade ricotta and parmesan gnocchi) in zucchini and saffron sauce

Main Course

Arabian Marinated Chicken

in red sauce with cous-cous salad

Chicken Fillet In Elderflower Sauce

on buckwheat and rocket

Rolled Chicken

in horseradish sauce on celery puree

Strip Steak

marinated in honey and mustard with lettuce and rocket

Beef Carpaccio

in tuna cold sauce on potato puree

Pork Neck

marinated in marsala, prunes and rosemary. Served on cold potato, mustard and seed puree

Long Cooked Pulled Pork

with rustic puree in aromatic herbs sauce

Artisanal Saussages

with onion and potatoes and mustard rosehipe dip


Chocolate Tart

Domestic Walnut And Butter Cake

with apricot sauce

Coconut Butter Cake

glazed with white chocolate, served with fresh seasonal fruit 

Homemade vanilla cream

covered with caramel sauce, crunchy chocolate”earth” & seasonal fruit 

Dessert “Forget About The European Time”

or “Oriental Threesome”

We only had two rules: immaculate, innovative gastronomic experience + it’s not supposed to feel like you’re dining in a restaurant.
Initially, the only guests we entertained at that time were our friends, friends of our friends, our friends’ acquaintances; it didn’t stay that way for long. Unfamiliar faces kept returning until they became familiar. That was the pivot point where we decided to go all in.
In September 2015, our concept was relocated to Kosovska street, right across the National Assembly. Our vision, our sensibility. Eclectic décor, handmade pasta, fresh ingredients, only the best meat from our butcher. We make our own desserts. That’s where we introduced a new rule to the book: an outdoor space. An amazing one.
Fast forward to 2020. 46 Svetogorska street.

4th rule: all rules combined. “AS YOU LOVED US, BUT A TAD BIT BETTER”. A restaurant is a living, breathing mechanism. It’s almost human. Maybe it’s metaphysics. We swear by the rule of love. Each ingredient is handpicked and prepared with the heritage of our grandmothers’ awe-inspiring wisdom.
We’re evolving thanks to you. Our goal is to stay exactly as you remember us. Just a tad bit better.