We only had two rules: immaculate, innovative gastronomic experience + it’s not supposed to feel like you’re dining in a restaurant.
Initially, the only guests we entertained at that time were our friends, friends of our friends, our friends’ acquaintances; it didn’t stay that way for long. Unfamiliar faces kept returning until they became familiar. That was the pivot point where we decided to go all in.
In September 2015, our concept was relocated to Kosovska street, right across the National Assembly. Our vision, our sensibility. Eclectic décor, handmade pasta, fresh ingredients, only the best meat from our butcher. We make our own desserts. That’s where we introduced a new rule to the book: an outdoor space. An amazing one.
Fast forward to 2020. 46 Svetogorska street.

4th rule: all rules combined. “AS YOU LOVED US, BUT A TAD BIT BETTER”. A restaurant is a living, breathing mechanism. It’s almost human. Maybe it’s metaphysics. We swear by the rule of love. Each ingredient is handpicked and prepared with the heritage of our grandmothers’ awe-inspiring wisdom.
We’re evolving thanks to you. Our goal is to stay exactly as you remember us. Just a tad bit better.