It all began in 2014 in one of the Vračar apartments on the second floor, when the three decided to open the TRI restaurant.

Initially, the guests were friends and acquaintances, and then everything started to grow, different people, and once again we started to come back and return. The aesthetics of space, the food stuffed with love, the soft home environment, without the classic restaurant atmosphere, made some interesting story, to some interesting people who recognized TRI as a place of their gathering.
In September 2015, the entire concept was moved to a new location, into a soured yard behind the National Assembly.
In addition to this aesthetics, which did not come up with the great money investing and engaging interior designers, it was already created by the sensibility of us that we spontaneously created, food is the one that we put on a special accent.
We handmade pasta, we get meat from the butcher we know for years, and cookies cooked by ourselves.
Each ingredient of our gastronomic venture is especially chosen and used with love, through the genetic heritage of spectacular grandmas.
Every dish evokes familiar, but it is completely different. Our goal is to stay as you have loved us.